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The library story trail

Here's the article for the MPLS story trail:

"The library has also partnered with the WVBG to install a book trail. The pages for the book, “Tiny Perfect Things” have been blown up, laminated, put onto stakes, and put around a trail at the WVBG. The exhibit will be available until the end of May, Palfrey said.

WVBG Executive Director Philip Smith said exhibits like this one enhance the garden experience and partnering with another nonprofit to help each others’ mission is a win-win.

"When they discover these exhibits, their whole experience is richer,” Smith said.

He adds that it might lead the public to realize the WVBG is not a typical park, but a whole world to explore with different ways to experience it. In addition to simply being in nature, the garden features manicured areas, such as the viburnum collection near the parking lot, and arts and exhibits, like the one with the MPLS."

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